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Crawlspace Flooding

Wednesday, April 5th, 2017 by Sarah Bender

Shut off electricity: If the electricity in your home is still on, then rising water can reach an outlet and cause major shock or significant damage.  

Check your pump: Make sure you have an operating sump pump.  If possible, it is always good to have a battery backup if there is no power so water will continue to pump out!  

Save your memories: Some homeowners tend to keep their valuables and keepsakes in their basements and crawlspaces.  If that you, then make sure you move them. 

Check your Crawlspace plastic vapor barrier: Your vapor barrier can often hide things if you do not lift it up once in a while to check. Sometimes inches of water can hide under there.

Take Pictures: Sometimes depending on the damage - you may be able to have some of the damage covered by your insurance.  

Call CleanSpace Northwest: We can provide you with a free estimate and the piece of mind that your Basement and Crawlspace will be nice and dry.  

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Sarah is our Office and Call-Center Manager and has been with CleanSpace Northwest since 2009.

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