Case Studies

Case Studies

Thompson Basement
 We were contacted by a client in Auburn that was interested in possibly converting a portion of their crawlspace into living space. The home they had purchased was a...
Pest Control at the Helpline House in Bainbridge Island, WA
We received a call from the Helpline House of Bainbridge Island, Wa. as they were experiencing issues related to a fairly severe rodent infestation in the crawlspace of...
Gig Harbor Waterproofing and Restoration
A small basement is a perfect place for the furnace, storage, and a wine cellar, until it floods! We received a call from a couple in Gig Harbor, Washington regarding a flooded...
Port Townsend, WA Basement Turned to Home Office
This customer wanted to convert an unfinished basement in their home to office space so that they could regain the living space that had been overtaken by the demands of their...
Smart Vent Installation in Bucoda, WA
CleanSpace Northwest Inc. was selected as the prime contractor to assist the Chehalis Basin Flood Authority in a pilot project funded by the State of Washington Conservation...
Woodland Village
CleanSpace Northwest Inc. received a call from the Woodland Village Retirement and Assisted Living Facility in Chehalis, Wa.  Mark, the General Manager of the facility...
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