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Did You Know ..... We Can Finish Your Basement

Tuesday, January 16th, 2018 by Sarah Bender

Total Basement Finishing - FROM BASEMENT to BEAUTIFUL - Transform your unfinished basement into a healthy, comfortable and beautiful living area your family will fall in love with! 


The enemy of finished basements is MOLD.  It's what causes that musty smell in basements, and causes discoloration and eventually rot of building materials.  Sheetrock is particularly vulnerable, as is any wood product.  This is why basements that are finished with conventional methods will have to be redone at some point when the owner can't stand the smell and deterioration anymore.  Besides concern over a surprise groundwater leak, plumbing leaks will happen - it's not a matter of IF you will have water in your basement one day -- it's WHEN. 


TOTAL BASEMENT FINISHING (TBF) uses only mold-resistant materials - ones with no vulnerable, organic material.  TBF wall panels, flooring, trim, and ceilings are not prone to damage like drywall, wood moldings, fabrics, wood-based flooring, and wood framing.  In fact, TBF basement can temporarily flood from a plumbing leak, inches deep and it is highly unlikely that any of the flooring, walls, trim or ceiling will need to be replaced.  


Our TBF System has many advantages over soft wall insulation wall systems.  The solid construction allows mounting of large pictures, heavy shelves, or a flat-screen TV.  They are a "green" option, since they are inorganic, and moisture, water, and mold resistant.  


Take a look at this basement we made BEAUTIFUL!  Basement to Beautiful Basement to Beautiful Basement to Beautiful

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Sarah is our Office and Call-Center Manager and has been with CleanSpace Northwest since 2009.

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