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Washington State is a place where mold loves to grow....

Well we can help you with that especially underneath your home.  Introducing our Mold-X2 Stain Remover and Botanical!  

Mold-X2 Removes stains in 20 seconds flat.  It is a highly effective cleaner for contaminated building surfaces such as wood and masonry.  Mold stains are removed in 20 seconds.  

When Mold-X2 stain remover eliminates mold, it does not prevent it from growing back unless moisture is controlled.  Additonally, an application of Mold-X2 is recommended.  Mold X-2 has an odor during and immediately follwoing application - ventilation is recommened.  

MOld X-2 Botantical - Antimicrobial, fungicide, and disinfectant.  An Application od Mold X-2 Botanical will help prevent mold from growing back on building materials.  It is a superior cleaner and deodorizer and an all natural thyme based formula.

Give us a call today at 1-833-567-3753 to schedule a free estimate --- we would love to come take a look at your space for you! 

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