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A Sump Pump like no other ....

The TripleSafe is the worlds most reliable pumping system:  keeping your basement dry with TRIPLE the protection.  A Sump pump is a necessary element of a basement waterproofing system - and everything is fine unitl a prblem occurs.  There is pump failure, single pump can't handle volume in hard rain, and power failure.  The TripleSafe assures protection from all three problems. 

The Triplesafe sump pump system has a unique figure eight design that allows 3 sump pumps to fit perfectly in the triplesafe liner.  It is also equipped with an airthigh floor drain in case of a plumbling leak.  A floating ball in the drain creates the seal.  The patented Water Watch alarm system sounds off if water rises above the operating range in the pumps.  This warns you if there is a problem before damage occurs.  Removable lids for easy inspection and or service.  3 pump stands fit in the bottom - ensuring silt and sediment don't block the flow to the water inlet on the bottom of the pumps.  Knockout in the lid allwos dehumidifer unit to drain directly into the TripleSafe.  

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Sarah is our Office and Call-Center Manager and has been with CleanSpace Northwest since 2009.

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