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Sagging Floors? Settling Piers?

The Smart Jack Floorr Support System - the Smart Jack is a high capacity adjustable stell pier designed to stop settling and even raise your floor back up to where it was.  

Sagging floors, sinking girders and settling piers can result in unlevel foors, sticking or inoperable doors and windows and cracked drywall ... 


  • Floor framing spanned to far and sagged
  • Floor framing weakened by rot and sagged 
  • Piers wit improper footings that sunk
  • Weight added to floor systems not designed to handle the load

First a hole is excavated for each SmartJack and a structual stone footing is compacted in place.  Then the Steel SmartJack is cut to size and installed under your sagging floor.  The adjustable screw can jack up your floor, and can easily be adjusted again in the future....

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