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Attic Insulation in Washington State

Friday, October 4th, 2019 by Avery Neims

Save Money On Your Attic Insulation in Tacoma, Washington

Have you noticed musty smells in certain areas of your house? Have your electric bills been rising? Or are you just in need of new insulation and trying to save money on it? In the next few paragraphs, Clean Space Northwest is going to outline how you can save money by having a professional install your insulation.


Perks of Attic Insulation

Healthier Environment

It is easy to think about a home as a sandwich! In this scenario, the bottom bread is the basement or crawl space and the attic is the top slice! In order to create a great sandwich that works for us, we need to have both of them there and we can’t have either slice moldy or gross. This is where insulation comes in, in an effort to keep the food in the middle of the sandwich safe and good. In terms of your Attic, we add insulation, this helps ensure the healthiness of your home. A professionally (or well) insulated and the clean attic is much less likely to be home of unwanted animals, whose excreta and presence can cause health dangers. A well-installed and quality insulation is also less probable to become moldy or mildewed.

If your home has insulation in the attic and it is old or hasn’t ever been replaced you might want to consider having it replaced. Certain insulation materials that were common in the past have since been found to have hazardous materials and bad for your health. Cleaning these materials out and replacing them will help you have a healthier home!



Energy Efficiency

As mentioned on our social media platforms as well as in a few of our blogs and on our website having insufficient, torn, or moldy insulation leads to higher electricity bills. This is because HVAC systems struggle to maintain a consistent temperature in the living areas of your home in general, if you add in the variable of having airflow into your home at a much faster/easier rate this will increase the struggle.


Why Should Professionals Handle It?

Paying for attic insulation services can seem like a waste of money. Honestly, who could blame that logic, I mean, couldn’t you just insulate the attic yourself? While that is always an option, commonly it is not a good one. There are explanations why these projects are best for professionals and why it is  a good investment that will pay for itself in the long run.




Hazardous Materials

As mentioned above before the 1980s most homes were insulated asbestos. This isn’t completely bad, if it is left alone! If you disturb it, it can and does release toxic particles into your area and if you aren’t a professional insulation expert, you could easily end up breathing in some and this not good.

Another form of insulation that was installed in the 80s is Urea Formaldehyde which has been linked (similarly to asbestos) to a variety of health problems, including cancer. The gray, pebble-like vermiculite insulation containing asbestos and the yellow, brittle foam insulation containing urea-formaldehyde should both be removed and handled by professionals, saving you potential health issues and expenses down the road. Overall it is best to at the very least have a professional come and give an evaluation and estimate of your area before you do a project by yourself. We will be able to identify and inform you of the material that you have as insulation.

Selecting the Right Insulation

There is a varied amount of insulation types, and it is our job to pick the one best suited to your home and needs. There are fiberglass batts, blown-in insulation, sprayed-on foam, rigid foam boards, and more. For projects that are not done by professionals, people often install basic fiberglass batts into their attic, not realizing that blow-in insulation is not only more effective, but also less expensive(hint-hint).

Installation Process

Once you’ve found the right insulation, it’s important that the material be properly installed. Holes lead to air leakage, effectively making insulation ineffective. A common error we see is blocked ventilation, this can and does cause airflow problems as well as the accumulation of moisture, which eventually leads to mold and mildew.

Clean Space Northwest makes sure that the insulation is installed properly, that airflow is preserved, and that you don’t have to worry about moisture or mold. It may seem like it would be more cost-effective and easier to just install the insulation yourself, most of the time it isn’t. And, even if it is, problems caused by lack of expertise can cost you a lot of money down the road.

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