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Crawlspace Flooding

Wednesday, March 29th, 2017 by Sarah Bender

Shut off electricity - if the electricity in your home is still on rising water can reach an outlet and rising water can pass thru and can cause major shock or signifcant damage. 


Check your pump - make sure you have an operating sump pump.  If possible it is always good to have a battery back up if there is no power, so water will continue to pump out! 


Save your memories - some homeowners tend to keep their valubles and keepsakes in their basements and crawlspaces.  if that is you you might want to move them :) 


Check your Crawlspace plastic vapor barrier - Your vapor barrier can often hide things if you do not lift it up once in a while to check i, sometimes inches of water can hide under there.  


Take Pictures - Sometimes depending on the damage you may be able to have some of the damage covered by your insurance.  


and Lastly,  Call CleanSpace Northwest and we can provide you with a free estimate and the piece of mind that your Basement and Crawlspace will be nice and dry.  

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Sarah is our Office and Call-Center Manager and has been with CleanSpace Northwest since 2009.

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